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Our Firm Has Been Handling Personal Injury Cases For Over 40 Years

Victims of personal injury accidents are often unprepared to deal the chaos that follows a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident. Personal injury victims are not only limited to the person involved in the crash, as automobile accidents also place a tremendous strain on the victim’s family and loved ones.

In addition to the emotional distress that being the victim or a car accident can cause, further emotional distress can unfold after an accident. For instance, if you’ve went to the hospital after an accident, you might be surprised to learn that in many cases, your medical insurance may not pay your medical bills once they have learned you’ve been in an automobile accident.

You may find yourself feeling alone and isolated. You might be left without reliable transportation to and from work, or you might be unable to return to your normal job. These conditions can affect the livelihood of you and your family, threatening not only your future, but also the future of your spouse and children.

On top of all of this, oftentimes you are left alone to fight against the insurance company. The insurance company has only one goal in mind, preserving their self-interest. They will refuse to pay for your injuries or even falsely proclaim that there are no injuries, or the injuries are a result of a preexisting condition.

A preexisting condition does not bar you from receiving recovery from an insurance company. While this is one of their tactics for denying compensation to victims, it is entirely false. A preexisting condition merely means that you are more susceptible to an injury, and therefore deserve fair compensation.

What Types of Accidents Usually Involve Personal Injury?

Personal injury usually results from:

  1. Car Accidents
  2. Bus Accidents
  3. Truck Accidents
  4. Boat Accidents
  5. Pedestrian Accidents
  6. Motorcycle Accidents
  7. Bicycle Accidents


As anybody who has been in an accident will tell you, oftentimes, injuries from a car accident or truck accident may not be felt until the next day. There are many reasons for this; however the most common reason is stress. Being in a motor vehicle accident can place tremendous stress on the persons physical and emotional state. Under such a tremendous burden of stress, the body naturally releases testosterone and endorphins to help cope with the accident. A reaction similar to the fight or flight phenomenon occurs and the victims first impulse is to return home to the safety of their family or loved ones.

While this is perfectly understandable, it is nevertheless important to seek medical attention in the days that follow. Injuries, such as a spinal cord injury, head injury, or a back injury, may not surface immediately but can still be life altering in a very negative way.

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Michael J. Meksraitis, Chartered has been helping accident victims receive the fair compensation they deserve for over 40 years.

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