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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have been increasing in popularity for over 50 years, becoming a symbol of freedom, self-reliance, and independence. There is strong appeal to riding a motorcycle, whether it is to actively engage in the environment around you or to lower your fuel costs, motorcycles are becoming Florida’s second most favorite form of transportation.

However, riding a motorcycle carries considerable more risk than riding in a car, truck, or bus. Unlike cars, there is little protection and no restraints, leaving you exposed to the full force of the accident.

Always wear a helmet

The video below illustrates the importance of wearing a helmet and what can happen to the head and brain when a motorcycle accident occurs.

With only a slight tap to the head, the volunteer lost all controls of his motor functions and was unable to use his arms. Imagine what happens to the brain when and head when hit by a car or truck, or falling off the bike at high speeds.

One of the more common sayings on Florida roadways in recent years has been “Share the Road”. It is important that all drivers understand the importance of respecting motorcyclists right to use the roadway.

Oftentimes, this is not the case, as drivers of cars and truck frequently neglect this responsibility, resulting in motorcycle accidents. It is estimated that for every one person who walks away from a motorcycle accident with minimal injury, four others are seriously injured. A motorcycle accident can be a catastrophic and traumatic injury, leaving children without parents and family members no longer present at the dinner table.

The wrongful death of an individual because of the carelessness of another is very difficult to understand and deal with. What if the driver had been more cautious, would your loved one still be alive? Tampa Motorcycle Attorney Michael Meksraitis looks at many factors to determine the cause of a motorcycle accident.

Possible Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorist violating the Right of Way of the Motorcycle Driver
  • Inexperienced Motorcyclists
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Impairment
  • Speeding by the Motorists, Motorcycle Driver, or both
  • Recklessness and Carelessness


Motorists violating the Right of Way of Motorcycle drivers are one of the most common ways a motorcycle accident can happen. And while careless motorists are often the cause of motorcycle accidents, they are also about thirty times more likely to survive the accident that the occupants of the motorcycle.

How to Avoid and Mitigate and Motorcycle Accident

  1. Read the Owner’s Manual. This contains many of the particulars of owning and maintaining a motorcycle
  2. Check the Controls, Cables, Tires, and Brakes, of your Motorcycle. Ensure your gauge is accurate when checking tires. Make sure to also check that lights, turn signals, and horns are working properly, and mirrors are positioned correctly
  3. Practice Due Diligence when on roadways, actively looking for potential hazards
  4. Keep a 2 – 4 second gap between yourself and the other vehicle
  5. Always Wear a Helmet


If you or somebody you know has been the victim of a motorcycle accident, it is important you seek an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney who has experience representing the rights of victims. Tampa Attorney Michael Meksraitis has been fighting for the rights of Motorcyclists and Motorists for over forty years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your case.