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Back Injuries


Suffering a Back Injury Because of a Motor Vehicle Crash

Chronic back pain is statistically one of the largest types of degenerative, long-term pain suffered by millions of Floridians each year. Many have heard the sayings, “bad back”, or “my back just gave out”, but few have questioned what the causes of the back problems are.

For many Floridians, the cause of their back pains may have been the result of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident suffered in years past. Back injuries rarely clear themselves up, and by nature are degenerative conditions. Even if a back injury is not immediately apparent after an accident, pain will usually begin to increase within a few hours to several months after the actual accident.

A back injury may result in your being unable to work, resulting in lost wages, wages needed for yourself and your family. If you are in pain, medical bills are no doubt piling up as you seek treatment. Also, has many of us had learned this the hard way; dealing with an insurance company can be a nightmare! The insurance company will almost always try to throw another hurdle at you while processing your claim, or they may deny it outright.

A Tampa Back Injury Attorney with over Forty Years of Experience

Michael Meksraitis has watched countless times as decent, hard-working Americans living in Tampa and Central Florida are abused, manipulated, and outright lied to by the insurance companies. It seems simple to most of us. If we purchase insurance to protect ourselves in case something happens, we should be protected in case something happens.

The insurance companies see your back injury as just another deduction from their corporate profits. The shareholders of the insurance companies would prefer that all claims were denied, because after all, private jets and limousines aren’t cheap.

Tampa Back Injury Attorney Michael Meksraitis knows that the physical health and well being of your family are more important than any corporate balance sheet. We fight for your rights, never for the rights of the insurance companies. Our office has over forty years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and helping our clients with their back injury claims.

A back injury may stop you from continuing your current job, force you to change careers, or threaten your ability to return to work altogether. If you’ve been in an accident resulting in a back injury, please seek medical attention immediately, as Florida limits the time you are able to file a claim. Once you are safe, contact Tampa back injury attorney Michael Meksraitis for a free case evaluation.